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The system provides required control of quality and safety of the works in connection with external environment and site conditions and implies unified methods for works execution.  

Access and Coating Group is a certified applicator of industrial passive fire proofing products manufactured by international industry leaders International Paint and Jotun. These products are also well known as intumescent paints. Such materials are considerably swell out (increasing surface volume in more than 40 times) under high temperature. They are disintegrated by absorbing the heat and excrete steam along with rare gases. As a result, it forms a spumed layer consisting from non-inflammable carbided melt. These products provide fire proofing up to 120 minutes from pool fire.  


In addition, we apply cementitious materials, which are used for fire protection of steel and concrete structures.


Passive fireproofing is applied in strict compliance with EN 1364 and ASTM E119 standards related to relevant materials utilizing specialized state of art equipment, providing best technical characteristics of the materials. Our certified and experienced inspectors carry out quality control of all PFP activities.



PFP Management System (as a part of GMS) is certified by TUV NORD (Germany) in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 и EN ISO 14001:2004

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