Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection systems are engineered to deflect heat and slow the spread of heat, through the use of fire-resistant coating systems. PFP systems help maintain the integrity of the structural steel and critical Process Pipework when exposed to a fire, by protecting the steel and equipment from direct contact with the fire and allowing personnel time to escape.

ACG has the knowledge, capability and experience to deliver total PFP solutions to the most complex and demanding projects

• Access and Coating Group are certified as Applicators by major international PFP manufacturers for both Intumescent and Cementitious applications.

• We offer a full range of PFP depending on the application and circumstances. We engage international partners who offer a wide range of innovative solutions

• ACG continues to work closely with suppliers to ensure that we are using best practices up-to-date products and techniques.

INNOVATION 1 – Nullifire SC902

ACG tasked with providing a solution to sourcing a PFP product that required the following

• Minimal Steel Surface Preparation

• That could be applied in sub-zero temperatures

• That was rapid curing to allow other trades to follow up in an efficient manner

ACG Introduced an innovative, industry-leading product to the ROK

Over 35,000 M2 of Nullifire Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applied Zero delays to project schedule Zero accidents and Incidents

Compliance to Project Specification under challenging circumstances

Applied Product throughout the winter period with ambient temperatures of up to minus -30°

INNOVATION 2 Flexible Removable PFP Jacket Systems

In conjunction with our partner AIS – ACG and AIS technical offer innovative passive fire protection and technical insulation solutions providing extensive savings in both materials and manpower.

AIS design, engineer and manufacture a range of fire safety, thermal, acoustic, cryogenic and corrosion protection, as fully removable products providing an average of 35% cost saving overall with man hour savings of around 80%. ACG AIS offer A full turnkey service from survey to installation in order to accelerate project turnarounds.


• 80% average labour saving

• 35% average cost saving

• Reduced downtime & operational costs

• Increase work scopes delivered

• Proven high-performance product range

• Fully removable systems aiding inspection & maintenance

• Market leading innovative solutions

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