From start to finish, we embrace each project and commit to progressive approach.

ACG are dedicated to service excellence. We operate in challenging environments and use our unrivalled expertise and knowledge to achieve your goals. We are committed to execute our work safely and on time we thrive on innovative new ways of thinking and working with our Clients.

Minimizing downtime, implementing cost-efficiencies, effective management of resources and an aim to accomplish zero incidents are of paramount importance. If you share these same challenges, then ACG can help you.

Our steps to provide excellent service every time

These are the key steps ACG deem critical in delivering safe and successful projects for our customers.
Project definition

ACG value our stakeholders and from the onset ACG engage our customers and clients, interfacing closely with key figures to ensure we all understand the project cycle milestones and goals.


ACG promote innovation throughout our organisation. We constantly seek to improve our services and we empower everyone to contribute to the process of continuous improvement.


ACG are continually striving to optimize our performance and service delivery, our working together ethos means that, ACG in collaboration with our clients vigorously plan our works to meet the most demanding schedules and milestones.


Things change, schedules, plans, priorities. ACG have the knowledge, capability and experience to adapt easily to different scenarios and challenges. ACG also understand the Pain and Gain complexities some projects generate, we are always ready to support.


HSE is at the forefront of our business, ACG care about our people and our clients people, we value our assets and those of our clients and we understand the impacts our services can have on the environment. ACG will never compromise in positioning the HS&E of our business or our customers anywhere else but in first place.

Continuous improvement

Tell us what you like about us, moreover tell us want you don’t. ACG adopt an open book policy, we honestly and transparently seek feedback from our clients and customers on regular basis as we continue our journey to excellence. We listen we learn we improve.